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Peter Harris

6th Dan

Peter began karate in 1976 at the then-named Ealing Karate Club under the instruction of Senseis John James and Eamonn McKinney. Soon after the club had joined Higashi in the early 80’s Peter took over as Sensei along with his close friend and colleague Henry Francis. However, in a bid to widen their influences Sensei Francis left Ealing Karate Club some years later to form his own karate school, which he continues to run to this day. In the preceding years, Peter has been joined by Mike Harris as the principal instructor.

As a karateka Peter progressed quickly through the grades, skipping belts several times. In the 80’s he trained on the England squad with the likes of former world champions Tyrone White, Jeff Thompson, and Vic Charles and frequently competed at national and international levels.

Running Ealing karate Club gave Peter another focus. He wanted the club to grow, but continue to develop his own karate skills by attending kata courses and summer schools. His commitment to Ealing Karate Club (now Elkai Karate) remains as strong as ever. Peter is passionate about his sport and has high hopes for all the young and talented members of the club.


Peter Harris
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