If you decide to join Elkai Karate, the fees are paid monthly by Direct Debit. It would be highly recommended to take a look at our club rules here before deciding to join. 

Joining our club is simple, first you will need to be registered to our website, secondly, submit a licence application and pay the required fees.  

Everyone from aged of 5 years is welcome to join our club. Regularity of your training is of course up to you (We recommend frequent sessions to see faster self improvement).​

We offer karate in the Wado-Ryu tradition, We compete at all levels, Club, Association, National and international, Training courses and social events. 


All those wishing to practice karate must be in possession of a valid licence, whether a club member or visitor. Licence's must be provided on request and members of staff can refuse training to anyone not properly licensed. Licenses are paid annually by direct debit or through the online payment system.


Higashi Karate Kai Licence

£65 + £1.60 (Service Charge) - Annual Insurance Registration 

Elkai Karate Monthly Fee


£35 + £1.60 (Service Charge) - Monthly Subscription
£10 + £1.60 (Service Charge) - Per Individual Lesson


Our online payment system requires a £1.60 service charge fee that will be added at the checkout.

For information on service charges see here.


If you still wish to become a member please submit a HKK Licence Application and pay the fees or if you have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting us, we're here to help.