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Max Millard

2nd Dan

Max started karate at a young age in 1994 with Sensei Tony Haugh.
After many hours and years of practice, Max achieved many titles and awards both nationally and internationally as part of the Higashi National Team, including a Silver medal in Kata at both 1997 and 2000 WKC World Karate Championships. Along with these titles, Max was a member of the Higashi National Karate Team from 1997 - 2001. During this time Max had competed and medalled at the London Youth Games, Karate Grand Prix, and National Higashi and All Styles competitions in both Kata and Kumite. At Higashi Max achieved his Black Belt at age 12 years of age.

In 2001 Max moved to Nelson New Zealand where he took up Tai Kwan Do, again competing at the national level, he won numerous titles. A few years later Max returned to karate, taking up Kimura Shukokai Karate a Shito Ryu style
In New Zealand, Max was able to be part of the Kimura Shukokai National NZ Team as well as the New Zealand National All Styles Team from 2014 to 2017 competing in all countries such as Australia, America, South Africa, Fiji, and New Caledonia winning a number of titles including WKF Oceania 67kg individual and team Kumite medals, World Goju Ryu Championship team Kumite medals and numerous National titles.

Through his time in New Zealand Max achieved his 2nd Dan in KSI karate
after returning to England in 2017. Max has rejoined the Higashi National Team going on to compete in the Venice Cup, winning the English and British National Championships along with joining the England KSI national team and competing in the overseas team in Estonia. Whilst currently not competing Max has taken the role of teaching both kata and kumite at Elkai Karate.


Max Millard
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