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About Jerome

Jerome has a strong record of international success. He has won several titles including English champion across several weight categories, He is now an active instructor and holds the position of head coach for English Karate Federation (South East Region) Squad Manager for the Higashi Karate Kai Association.

Jerome started karate in the mid-’80s under the instruction of Sensei’s Peter Harris and Henry Francis. His training started at the Ealing Karate Club (Elkai Karate) and expanded to the other clubs locally at first. Developing a love for expansion, Jerome began to compete frequently on both the UK and international circuits. He built up a strong fighting foundation and was selected to fight on the England A squad, where he continued to represent England for 19 years before deciding to retire from competing after the birth of his first daughter.


He now has three daughters and is a passionate advocate of karate with a strong emphasis of performance.

Jerome Kumedzina

4th Dan Instructor

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