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About Colin

Collin has been practicing the art of Wado-Ryu since 1984 aged 12. Predominantly under the watchful eyes of Sensei Henry Francis and Peter Harris. Born in East London his family moved to West London in 1984, which is where he began his search for a sport to get stuck into. Collin tried Boxing and Athletics for a short while then found karate. He attended Ealing Karate Club (Elkai Karate) a couple of times per week and like most boys his age he was inspired by the Kung Fu and Bruce Lee movies, eventually Collin devoted all his spare time to karate, he was won over by indoor training, which meant he could train throughout the year without seasonal interruption.


Collin is an engineer by trade, but his real passion is taking part in karate competitions and training others to do the same. Collin has had an amazing career; he's won some 30 plus titles since 2002. He has traveled the world competing in some of the most prestigious events. Collin’s most memorable moments are his daughter Larissa and his World Championship win at the WKC event, as a -68kg competitor in Fortaleza, Brazil 2005).


"Quote “ I believe that hard work, diet, dedication, sacrifice, self-motivation, faith and good instructional guidance are a must if you want to achieve”. Collin is now an active part of Elkai’s coaching team.

Colin Heath

5th Dan Instructor

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