New Covid 19 Protocol

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Dear Members,

We want to bring you up to speed with the latest 'return to training' guidance and rules as agreed with DCMS and Sport England. Essentially, there is a four-step program that will eventually lead to full training and competition. This message covers the first two steps. We expect all EKF Associations and clubs to abide by the steps and guidelines as laid out.

STEP ONE From March 29th Outdoor training may resume for all ages and all groups. There are no limits on participation numbers providing the training is officially organized and part of the NGB guidance.

Under 18's can return to normal training which includes CONTACT training. That means partner work is permissible.

Adults must maintain socially distanced training as per EKF guidance. However, pad work is allowed (subject to cleaning protocols). It is advised that the person holding the pads wears a mask/face covering.

As training is outdoors you must ensure a full risk assessment is in place, considering the surface, age groups, participants' footwear, and (obviously) the weather!

Please check with your insurance company that you are covered for outdoor training and for any conditions they might set.

STEP TWO (no earlier than 12th April)

Under 18s to return to indoor training. Contact training and partner work is allowed. However, the class size should be limited to 15 people.

Adults: Can return to indoor training but on a one-to-one basis. Adults may train in the same room at the same time as an under 18 group providing that social distance is maintained and it is not the same instructor running both sessions.

Also, the date for Step two is an indicative date and is subject to change. We have been advised that the EKF will be informed one week in advance whether the next step can go ahead. The EKF will message through usual channels when we have been given the formal go-ahead.

In regards to socializing and communing before and after sessions, these are determined by the prevailing government advice which all members are obliged to follow.

More information to follow shortly.


In phase three, training returns to normal. All COVID restrictions to training practice are removed and club members may enjoy a full range of training activities, including internal club competitions. Training between clubs remains forbidden until such time as Government give the notice to end Social-distancing and lift travel restrictions.


All restrictions are lifted and organized competitions return. *Each phase above will be determined by the prevailing government advice and directives. There are no specific dates as to when each phase will return and as the Pandemic situation develops it may mean some aspects from each phase are allowed whilst other parts are not. It is also entirely possible that different phases may apply to different areas depending on local rules and laws. Age may also play a part in that children and adult karate may be different, again dependent on Government guidance In all aspects, EKF will modify the above to meet the requirements of the Authorities. Members will be advised through all social media and normal communication channels on all and any developments pertaining to the return to training.

Members must also prepare for the possibility of going back a Phase should the National Pandemic become worse. Government directives will determine whether this would be necessary.


All Safeguarding, child protection, and vulnerable adults protocols remain in place.

Clubs must ensure they have clear, explicit, written permission from parents/carers allowing their child to return to training. There must be a clear paper trail.

It is recognized that implementing the above measures will place significant pressure on time and space. Class sizes will more than likely reduce in number, and perhaps need to be shorter, which in turn places pressure on finances. However, these measures are mandatory if clubs wish to train in their dojo.

EKF requires a named COVID officer for each Association. These should be submitted to the EKF registration officer immediately. These officers will be responsible to ensure their Association is compliant to the EKF return to training protocols.


Link to GOV.UK guidance

Steve Coupland EKF President

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